Ikumi Nakada – Saitama, Japan

1. Ikumi Nakada
2. November 2nd, 1982. 32 years old
3. artist, a member of the artist group “GAZOKU”
4. Omiya city, Saitama. I was born and raised here. It’s a good place to live.
5. Home or Kissa-ten, the Japanese style coffee lounge. I want to have
coffee and kissaten original menu like Neapolitan pizza toast, and
coffee jelly.
6. I don’t have any place to drink regularly because I can’t drink
alcohol. I often go to Chinese restaurant and Izakaya with my friends.
I don’t drink but I like bar food and side dishes.
7. I go to Omiya or the neighboring town Urawa to buy small
things. I feel free when I go there and it is my favorite art museum in
8. I draw while watching TV. I eat snacks, relax and draw and watch TV…
I keep doing these things. I really don’t “watch” TV. It’s like BGM. I
like the old reruns like  TV dramas, travel programs and comedy shows.
9. I find the late-night open kissaten and indulge in thought while
drinking coffee. I like being bored and being absent minded.



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